SEAT Vehicle Leasing

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SEAT offer customers the option of Vehicle leasing in line with your budget and spending requirements

You will be shown the full range of SEAT vehicles available for your selected monthly rate.

All vehicles will be ranked from highest to lowest monthly rate.

All pricing reflects no upfront deposit.

Model images and pricing shown are for indicative purposes only.

Pricing correct as of 1st April 2022.

Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland purchases the SEAT vehicle on your behalf. You then pay one monthly rental upfront in advance and have the option to pay up to 10% of your vehicles RRP which would reduce your monthly payment.

In your fixed monthly payment, you agree the annual mileage that suits you. You can choose to divide your monthly payments equally over any term between 12 and 48 months. Service, Maintenance & Tyres can also be included.

At the end of the term you return the vehicle (subject to fair wear & tear), you can then upgrade to a new vehicle and start your Personal Lease journey again!